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How it works

How it works

All the ladies at our website are real. We check it!

That's a common problem when you find a good website with fabulous girls but after weeks and months you realize that they don't want to meet with you — they just want you to pay. Such a sad (and common!) situation can happen if these girls are not real, and you can be sure that you will not have such a problem with bridesplaza.com.  Every girl at our site is real, and we verify if they are real before the activation of their profiles. We don't just need photos, like lots of other agencies — all the ladies at bridesplaza.com should go through a deep and serious vetting process before they will get the chance to write to you. We interview women, take the copies of their passports, then check their phone numbers and other contact information (like e-mail addresses), and, as a last step, we ask them to give us their photos and videos.

The most common situation is when we meet a woman who wants to register and talk to her in real life. If it's impossible or difficult to perform, we call a lady, talk to her and ask for the additional photo with a sheet of paper and date/name of the site on it. This usually works and only real women with their real private data can complete the process of registration.

But, all these steps are needed for us to make sure the girls are real, and here's why you can believe us:

  • We don't just offer text chats but also video and audio chats. You can look at the woman who has attracted you and make sure it's not a fake or a scam account. You can switch between video and text chats at any moment to see who are you really talking to right now.
  • If you make a present to a lady, you will get both video and photo proofs of the delivery.
  • You shouldn't be afraid of scammers — bridesplaza.com publish the information about both scammers and scam agencies.
  • You can leave a comment or a feedback through our interactive blog. You can also read comments of the real customers of our site.
  • We don't need your credit card information, because we use PayPal to receive money. It's a very safe way to make payments, so you can again be sure it's not a fraud.

Bridesplaza works only with real agencies. We don't work with the agencies that are not registered in full accordance with the Ukrainian laws or with the agencies that haven't worked for 5 years at least. If an agency doesn't have successful stories, or if it's level of service is inappropriate, we will not work with it, too.

We guarantee your privacy.

We understand that in majority of cases it's undesirable for our clients to show anyone that they use our website. That's why your profile information (such as photos, name and surname and all the other data) is confidential. This information can be seen only by women registered here, and no visitors have the access to it.

Of course, we will not share your private information with anyone. You will also not receive any spam letters from us, and we will not sell your email address.

If you have any questions, you can contact us 24/7. You'll get the answer instantly or, in some cases in 24 hours.


We will help you to find your woman.

Bridesplaza.com also offers you 5 ladies who are interested in your profile, but, of course, you don't have to communicate with them. But we are sure you'll like them, too! How it works?

Well, right after your registration is completed we will offer you 5-7 women who are really interested in you. That's free and we can assure you that there are no fake and scam accounts here — if a woman tells you that she is interested, this means that she really is.

Moreover, we have a gift for you — you will be able to write to them during a week without paying anything! It's completely free and for the first week we also offer a free translation service, so you will understand each other. Of course, we don't offer just text chats — if you want to, you can talk to a woman you like using video and audio chats (via Skype). That's the best way to verify if a woman you are talking to right now is real.

All you should to do get it is to finish a registration process, place your real photo and specify your country and city. It would also be good to verify your credit card through PayPal so that we could verify your identity, too. You should also know that after confirmation of your registration and personal information (as well as the financial information), some additional advantages will be available for you!


Moneyback guarantee.

As we've already mentioned, during the first week you will be able to write as much messages as you want. That's usually enough to make a first impression and to understand if you want to continue communicating with the lady or not.

But, unfortunately, we can't guarantee that 100% of the ladies are honest. What we can guarantee is that if you report a suspicious behavior of a girl, we will react quickly. It's very easy for you to make an abuse report, and if a lady is a scammer, she will be banned, we will publish the information about her and we will give your money back.