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Payment and Refund policy

Payment and Refund policy


This policy constitutes an inseparable part of the Terms of Use and is applicable to all registered users (hereinafter known as “the user/a user/user”) of the websites concerning Bridesplaza.com and Bridesplaza.net, hereinafter known as “The Website/Website/The Company/We”.

  1. Some Services are not free of charge. When using paid services the user agrees to pay the fees, according to the tariffs as indicated at The Website.


  1. All Services are priced in US dollars. Having paid for Services, a user receives at his account at the website a corresponding amount of points in a virtual currency called “Credits”. One Credit is equal to a US dollar at the moment of purchase. Thereafter Services can be ordered and paid by the Credits.


  1. While making profile at the website, the user is offered to read and confirm his agreement with the Terms of Use by ticking the checkbox labelled "I agree with the Terms of Use". By ticking this box an agreement is made between the website and the user of the website. Before purchasing Services a user receives an overview of Services ordered. In case of any disagreement with the Services in the list and/or the prices, the user is not allowed to proceed to the next page to make the payment. To proceed with the payment the user need to press the button “I want to buy this” by which action he acknowledges his full agreement with the list of selected Services and purchase conditions.

  2. A user can request the purchased Services within one year from the date of payment for Credits. After one year, all non-used credits become void and cannot be refunded under any circumstances.


  1. All sales are final. Having paid for the Services, the user agrees, in full, that no part of the payment can be revoked, unless there exists justified reasons for a refund. In which event of an applicable refund, the website does not provide cash refunds.


  1. Wherever necessary, the management of the Company determines which reasons are justified for a refund upon receiving an appropriate request from the user. Refunds of Credits and refunds of money should be reported separately.


  1. Justified reasons for a refund of Credits are:

  • A user has encountered a credit loss as a result of errors or bugs on the Website.


  • A user has not received the ordered services because of technical errors (for instance, a letter or a gift were not delivered, a scheduled chat did not take place because of technical problems, etc).
  • A user has sent the same letter twice to the same interlocutrix by mistake.
  • Other reasons, which are recognized by the Company.


To get a refund of Credits the user must contact the support service and provide evidence of any given technical error.


  1. Refunds of money is possible only in the case that the user has not authorized the payments made with his credit/debit card. To get a refund the user must provide evidence that the transaction has not been authorized by the owner of the card.


  1. Payments are accepted online by a third party acquirer. The user’s card is billed by merchant account provider of Latvijas Pasta Banka. In the case that a user does not recognize a charge on his bank statement, he is advised to apply to the support services of Latvijas Pasta Banka (www.lpb.lv) for solving any billing issues.


  1. For requesting a refund, a user must send a request to the support services of the Company. Any chargeback of credit card payments without previous consultation with the Company shall be considered as a dishonest or deceitful act that violates these Terms of Use. Should this be the case, the Company reserves the right for taking appropriate legal actions against the initiator of such unauthorized chargeback.

  2. The Company may terminate or suspend registration at any time without notice if it's believed there is a breach of Terms of Use and this policy. Upon such termination or suspension, the user will not be entitled to any refund of unused Credits and, if applicable, all unpaid registration amounts and other fees owed will immediately be due. The Company is not required to disclose, and may be prohibited by law from disclosing, the reason for the termination or suspension of an account.


  1. The Company reserves the right to modify this Policy at any time without warning. All changes to this Policy become effective upon posting on the Website.


  1. Any questions regarding this policy should be sent to the following address: Namiol Alliance LP, 120 High Road, East Finchley, N2 9ED, London, UK.


The Company is not a marriage agency but a communications website which operates as an intermediate platform between single men and women all over the world. We charge users for utilizing communication facilities such as letters, video chat, video presentations and for gifts deliveries. We do not offer any matrimonial services and do not guarantee that the membership with us will lead to marriage.

The Company has established cooperation with marriage agencies in Ukraine and Russia.

All women on the site are clients of the agencies from Russia and Ukraine. The employees of the Company have no personal relations with the women whose profiles are available at the Website. The partner marriage agencies, which are cooperating with the Company, are obliged to have a personal interview with each woman and take her passport copy before publishing her profile online. However, despite all the efforts made to check the personal data of female applicants the Company does not guarantee that all woman from the profiles are real. The woman from the profile database are individual personalities which are solely responsible for their behaviour.  Therefore, the Company is not responsible for the manners and conduct of the female members. Misconduct of female users can never serve as a ground for claiming a refund. Neither credits nor money will be returned due to dissatisfaction of the content of the incoming letters, letter attachments, instant messages, video or any deviance of female profile information.