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About Us

About Us

Namiol Alliance LP was established to help and support people, throughout the world, with international communications.  Primarily aimed at those searching for an overseas life partner our experienced team offers all of our customers the comfort of direct communication.  Yet with our help, we break the cultural and language barriers, aid with the understanding of customs and differences.

Our support services will advise and guide clients from the initial contact via the internet, right through to the complexities of communication.  We also organise tailor made singles parties where clients have the opportunity to meet each other in a safe and pleasant atmosphere, along with travel packages and general translation services.  We pride ourselves on taking care of our clients, from beginning to end, until they are satisfied with the international communication experience.

We constantly strive to improve our services that we offer to our clients by contacting each and every one, asking for feedback in how we've handled their service.  This crucial follow-up experience allows us to evolve and to be always one step ahead.  We also apply our efforts to prevent the illegal practices that can be common in internet business.  We have clear yet fair principles with a zero tolerance for cheating.

The safety and the satisfaction of our clients is not only key, it's paramount!